Topanga Canyon OG from the Jungle Boys.

Jungle Boys Topanga Canyon

Jungle Boys Topanga Canyon is AN Indica dominant hybrid that reviewers say is well balanced and powerful. This strain is born from crossing the Indica, Topanga, with the Sativa, Sweatband. each of its oldsters are potent in psychoactive drug levels and effects, creating Topanga ravine a extremely wanted out strain for those searching for a powerful and serious experience. Topanga Canyon aroma excites the senses with its sharp and sweet fragrance, laced with citrus, pine, and fuel. breaking up these buds can unleash a skunky and wet undertone adore its OG heritage. Upon combustion, Topanga Canyon produces an earthy thick smoke, with undertones of fuel and citrus.

A  lively and high yielding plant, Jungle Boys Topanga Canyon could be a moderately straightforward strain to grow, providing cultivators massive spherical buds that are olive green, with a significant rosin production because it gets nearer to harvest. Topanga Canyon may be full-grown in and outdoors, with a flowering time of 60 to 75 days. Terpenes presenting over average in Jungle Boys Topanga Canyon are Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Linalool, whereas psychoactive drug levels will reach up into the twenties.Its high has been delineated  by users as starting off with AN rise cerebral high spirits that gets the mind going. because the thoughts and emotions drop off into a cheerful place, reviewers describe waves of euphoria laundry over the body, deed the user in a very hazy, stony state of elation that eventually invitations sleepiness.

Topanga Canyon OG from the Jungle Boys via la Farmers on 2/04/2020. psychoactive drug tested bent 25.33%. Purchased for $25 out the door. I’ve detected treats concerning Topanga Canyon therefore after I saw that Farmers had it on the low shelf i used to be fully on board to present it a whirl. The nugs during this specific bag seem tiny and ligneous plant like. They’re a combination of lime and forest greens with tiny pops of dark-brown red pistils and a ice of golden yellow triches that provide the surface a small glow and create the coloring arduous to pin down.The scent out of the bag is a particularly pleasant mixture of fuel and lemon that offers Pine Tree State muted eucalyptus vibes. On busting open a nug a mint emerges, connection the fuel within the foreground and deed the lemon to battle for dominance, shifting into additional of a lemon cleaner scent. once breaking it down by hand, i buy a delicious smelling lemon candy fuel that hits me as a mash from Vic’s vapor rub ANd lemon arduous candy. The inhale is smooth, and from the j i buy an earthy lemon tree experience, as wherever the resound offers additional of that fuel facet up top. On the exhale from each I got a tongue blow sweet lemon fuel with a lemon water afterimage however on the bong there was simply a bit less sugar sweetness and you’re feeling it the septum. Cross checking the flavour on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial the lemon tree fuel is so sturdy that it tangs the tongue on the way in also as deed a reasonably long aftertaste. It jogged my memory heaps of the style expertise I had with Marathon Jungle Boys Topanga Canyonfrom @thecurecompany. The headchange comes on quick with a pleasant thwack and a brings a touch of energy with it. There’s a touch of haziness that hits behind the eyes and contains a little bit of a spaced-out quality that puts far between you and your cares. whereas practical colloquially I found focusing somewhat problematic. It didn’t derail my train of thought such a lot as grease the track creating it troublesome to achieve traction and progress forward. Even that sentence was difficult to place along coherently once in its brain fogging grasp. That one too. Essentially, you’ll need to avoid smoking it when writing underneath a deadline, except for most activities it’s pretty awesome. i actually likable Topanga ravine OG, i feel it’s an excellent anytime smoke with a healthy long lasting smack that leaves you dazed in pleasing way, and it’s pretty tasty to boot. I wasn’t certain what to expect with this flower being harvested back in August of 2019, however it extremely delayed well, and for the price tag I’d have to be compelled to say I’d decide this up once more in a very heartbeat. nice work to the Jungle Boys on this one!

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