Paris OG Strain – Hybrid Cannabis Review, THC.

Paris Og SmartBud

Paris Og SmartBud : The Paris OG stress is related to an uplifting but sedating excessive. It gives a piney and flowery aroma, together with a candy blueberry taste. MMJ sufferers frequently use it to assist fight persistent ache and additionally to alleviate stress.

What Is the Paris OG Strain?

It is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a dispute over its genetics. The maximum probable aggregate is Lemon OG and Headband, aleven though no person is absolutely positive. If you buy Paris OG, don’t be fooled through the creeper excessive. It is likewise feasible to get stuck out through the preliminary cerebral excessive, which starts offevolved as strain across the temples. It is a stress that might increase your mood, and a few customers declare they experience euphoric. Consider the usage of it earlier than a social gathering, despite the fact that you can surprise onlookers through bursting into suits of giggles for no reason. Ultimately, however, the indica components start to take over and shortly purpose your limbs to experience extraordinarily heavy. On uncommon occasions, customers have said feeling an nearly psychedelic feeling of disassociation. You have to use Paris OG withinside the night due to the fact drooping eyelids accompany the heavy limbed excessive. Users locate it tough to combat sleep and commonly experience as though their thoughts is foggy. On the plus aspect, Paris OG is good to be used after a difficult day at work. Perhaps you could flip it into your favourite Friday night time stress.


You would possibly to begin with get guidelines of diesel together with an earthy scent. However, you have to additionally get a robust scent of citrus when you grind the buds.


In many ways, Paris Og SmartBud presents a traditional hashish taste. The skunk and pine flavors are unmistakable, at the same time as the lemon and lime notes provide a nice aftertaste.


Although Paris Og SmartBud is an indica-dominant hybrid, there are factors of sativa in its appearance, such as a free bud structure. It isn’t loaded with resinous trichomes, however the rusty orange pistils appearance nice sufficient in opposition to the wooded area inexperienced calyxes.

Paris OG Strain Grow Info

Unfortunately, Paris OG isn’t to be had on the market commercially from any essential breeders. Therefore, you’ll need to gain clippings from a mature plant to begin developing. It is a stress that calls for a few enjoy to develop. However, in case you’re inclined to place withinside the effort, you can experience a a hit harvest. You can strive cultivating it outdoors, however Paris OG is higher grown interior due to the fact you’ll want to carry out ordinary maintenance. If you don’t have an awful lot developing knowledge, it’s far pleasant to stay with natural soil as your developing medium. Wait till you’ve got got finished some grows earlier than switching to hydroponics.When cultivated outdoors, Paris OG presents about 20 oz. in line with plant. It is generally geared up for harvest through the cease of October. It prefers a Mediterranean weather if you make a decision to domesticate it withinside the excellent extensive open.

Indoors, it has a flowering time of 8-nine weeks. You can count on a yield of 12 oz. in line with rectangular meter planted, despite the fact that informed growers ought to get more. It is likewise a great concept to pinnacle Paris OG vegetation regularly.

THC Content – Highest Test

By cutting-edge standards, Paris OG isn’t a strong hashish stress. However, at round 19% THC, it isn’t one to underestimate. There also are reviews of a few cuts containing as much as 28% THC. In this case, beginners are higher off staying away.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Paris OG’s CBD content material is instead low at much less than 0.2% in maximum cases.

Medical Benefits of the Paris OG Strain

While it has a low CBD content material, MMJ sufferers nonetheless use Paris OG for numerous reasons. The preliminary euphoria it presents ought to assist you neglect about the stresses and concerns of the day. As a result, take into account the usage of it in case you be afflicted by tension or depression. It is likewise robust sufficient to offer analgesic houses potentially. You would possibly take into account Paris OG when you have persistent ache. Paris OG’s propensity to make you loosen up and sedated way it’s far really well worth attempting in case you want assist attending to sleep. You may also locate that the acute rest it presents guarantees that preserving your eyes open is a difficult challenge.

Side Effects of the Paris OG Strain

Paris OG is strong sufficient to purpose excessive sedation, specially in case you devour too an awful lot. Make positive you don’t use it throughout the day when you have obligations that want completing. On uncommon occasions, you would possibly locate that this stress will increase the chance of hysteria and paranoia. In general, this specifically takes place to humans with a predisposition to such thoughts. Overall, Paris OG’s aspect results are on the whole slight and consist of dry eyes and cottonmouth.

Final Thoughts at the Paris OG Strain

Paris OG is an awesome choice in case you need to loosen up withinside the night. It presents an preliminary cerebral excessive that makes manner for whole sedation. Use it earlier than bedtime and spot in case you locate it simpler to fall asleep. Medical marijuana sufferers commonly use it for tension, depression, and persistent ache.It is a elaborate stress to develop for the first-timer. Experienced hashish cultivators locate that with a touch care, Paris OG gives an affordable yield. However, you may want to music down clones as seeds aren’t commercially to be had.

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